Our Services

We offer you, in addition to your exclusive showroom, other services in our house. You profit from the following service as a tenant:


In the input area welcomes you a generous receipt which is taken in the time of the order weeks by us to offer optimum service to your customers.

Phone Service

They receive own telephone with phone number in your showroom. This connection contains a mail box, as well as a call diversion. We provide landing of customer by telephone in the management of the EFC, them of course directly to you further.


Highspeed internet and W-Lan in the showroom is included in the rent.


Post and parcel service

With pleasure we accept in the management of the EFC your postal deliveries and package deliveries for you.

digital touchscreen Directory

In the interchanges in the house signposts are available to you and your visitors digital touchscreen. Thus is guaranteed with the help of the most modern technology that your showroom is found. In addition, the house is equipped with the analogous signposts which indicate the way to your showroom.

EDV Support

Our highly qualified EDV staff is available to you with problems with solution proposals and a suburb service.


Caretaker Services

Our certified janitors help to you in problems in the showroom with pleasure.


Optionally you can profit from our cleansing staff. We provide with reservation of the cleansing service for a clean presentation surface, so that your customers and you feel fine.


The EFC offers to you different media packages of Fashion-Point which you can book optionally. The application of innovative technology in the house provides for a very modern ambience. Belong to it, beside an imposing Visualscreen in our patio, the popular brand index catalogue and a LED outer wall.

Parking Bay

You and your customers have the possibility to park in the multi-storey car park EFC or parking bay to reach comfortably your showroom.